About Us

Global Business Directory

We are a division of Global Business Directory which was founded in 2007 not only to serve as a business directory and guide for the global business community, but to offer a quick, clean, and uncomplicated system to find any local and global business at anytime. GDWStores.net is a revolutionized shopping community. We have given a new meaning to the word "SHOPPING". Shopping is now a new movement and you can shop and support your favorite cause, or get paid. Send a strong message through your shopping by using your POWER wisely. GIVE A SPECIAL VOICE TO YOUR SHOPPING.

What we offer

For Website owners

Take your API key. Connect it with your website and sell your products with us. With the help of our website, your sales will increase. You will get constant help and constant support. you will receive constant information about your product, about the progress of sales Our specialists will make sure that the advertising and sale of your products is of the highest quality.

For Shipping Companies

Your shipping company will be registered in our platform and our clients will choose how to deliver their products. Our platform will send you the order.You can accept it or not. When you accept the order your company will deliver the orders products to the order place . You will earn your service price.